Friday, August 12, 2011

Since we were talking about the movies. . . .

Since we are talking about the movie’s. . . .

We weren’t?

Well, I guess we are now.

My thoughts on the first Robert Downey Jr ‘Sherlock’

First my likes. . . .

I thought it made a great action adventure movie.

I thought Jude Law made a great young Watson.

I liked the period set pieces.

I liked the actress that played Mary Morstan.

I did like the way the deductions were reveled

Lastrade was done well.

The fights were well done.

My dislikes. . . .

Although I like just about everything Robert Downey Jr. does, I don’t think he made a very good Holmes. I don’t think that it can be blamed on the actor, probably more on what the director wanted.

The character was too slovenly and un-kept.  For Holmes, other than when in costume, was a rather neat and clean person in his personal habits. His ‘digs’ were more untidy than unclean.

His diction was not good enough. And that probably had more to do with an American trying to do an English accent.

The movie did not take full advantage of the beautiful sets it had; i.e. 221b
Baker St

The drug habits Holmes had were over blown.

The actress was not right for Irene Adler. Although beautiful and great in other things, Rachel McAdams was not right for Irene Adler.

The movie jumped too much between slap stick humor and serious adventure too often.


  1. I enjoyed the movie very much. While there are some aspects to the movie Sherlockians will not find appealing I spent time trying to understand this version of Holmes. I agree with John that Holmes is generally a tidy person, however, seeing Downey's portrayal made me wonder if, perhaps, the unkempt Holmes played to the emotional strain Holmes was under knowing he was losing his partner in fighting crime. Perhaps trying to "play" Watson a little, hoping he would change is mind about marrying and stay on as Holmes' compatriot. Unfortunately for Holmes, knowing he has few friends, losing one, especially Watson, could be a serious drain on his emotional well being.

  2. I like the way you went about judging the movie on it's own terms.