Monday, November 7, 2011

A second evening with The Occupants of the Empty House

Sophia and I travelled to Du Quoin on Friday, November 4th, for another fine evening with the Occupants of the Empty House.  I know it seems to be a difficult concept to get your mind around, but I assure you every Sherlockian has managed this feat.

During our fine diner at Alongi’s, I had the pasta con broccoli and Sophia enjoyed the eggplant parmesan, we enjoyed Sherlockian conversation and catching up with some old friends.  Joe was kind enough to sell me a few of the books from his collection, including a couple of signed copies.  I have found a source to expand my collection of Sherlockian tales.

Bill Cochran delivered an excellent paper concerning the identity of the banker in The Beryl Coronet.  As many times as I have read this story I have never stop to consider the identity of the mysterious financier who locked a priceless treasure of the British Empire in his dresser.  I will not give you the conclusion of the author.  If you want to know the answer, you should attend the Occupants’ meetings.  I will suggest you read The House of Rothschild, by Niall Ferguson, multiple volumes, for a clue.

I am very excited to report that Sophia and I are now official members of The Occupants of the Empty House.  I have already framed our membership certificates.  I look forward to more Sherlockian camaraderie. 

As we left the meeting and were driving home, to paraphrase, a fog swirled past the windshield and the ghostly headlights failed at 50 feet.  While we were in a more modern version of the hansom cab, I took this as the end of a perfect Sherlockian evening. 

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  1. Ok, I'll attend some with you in the new year.
    Sounds like you had a good time.