Monday, August 19, 2013

Always a great time.

Already marked on my calendar.

Wessex Press

And here is my review of the last.


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    1. Yea, I went to the last one and had a great time.
      Most everything deals with Sherlock Holmes on stage or screen, but he always has great speakers.

  2. Well, they'll be much to talk about, with "Sherlock" series 3 already shown in the States, to high acclaim no doubt; the start in a few weeks of "Elementary" season three (yes, I'm calling it, season two will be another success); and I hope news about SH3 filming. A lot of threes. I look forward to your reports on the blog.

    1. I plan on getting tickets as soon as they come available.

  3. Thanks for the link to G2B3. Liked the pictures. I like the photo of Holmes' note to Watson and the drawing of the Holmes/Moriarty cliff side dance--at least I think they're dancing. Do you remember who the artist was?