Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gordon Speck, BSI - RIP

As with so many Sherlockians this week, we are morning the loss of a good man and a good friend.

I met Gordon through my involvement with the Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn many years ago and it was always a big disappointment when he no longer attended those events.
And as has been stated by many others, Gordon could best be described as a Gentleman.

We always looked forward to what ever he brought to a discussion and his always good humor.

The last time I saw Gordon was at the Gillette to Brett IV in 2014.

If he was the mark of a true Sherlockian, many of us can never hope to make those ranks.

He will be missed by many.


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  2. My grandfather was an amazing man and always talked about the exciting times he had at the Sherlockian conventions. He is the main reason I read and study Sherlock Holmes' adventures. I aspire to be as brilliant as he was. It means so much to me and my family that people still care about him and keep him in their thoughts. He was a pure gentleman with class. He treated everyone with upmost respect. He remains forever in my heart.

    1. I think you said it best, he will always be remembered as " a pure gentleman with class."