Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Elementary Season Five, Episodes #5 (101) and #6 (102)

 S5E5, 'To Catch a Predator Predator' finds Holmes and Watson on the trail of someone who killed someone killing sexual predators of young girls. A vigilante killing of a vigilante if you will.
S5S6, 'Ill Tidings' finds Holmes and Watson trying to find out who murdered a disliked Chef and some of his customers, which turns out to be a cover for an art heist.

While some eye trouble has kept me from spending as much time on my computer and art work I have been able to keep up with the episodes of Elementary, even if it is a day or so after the events.
And while I will not go into quite as much detail in my next few reviews I will at least comment.
Hopefully the eye problem will be resolved by the beginning of the year and I can get back to being a little more productive on this and my other blogs.

I would have to say that the last three episodes, including these two have been a few of my favorite of all the episodes so far.
A lot of what I have previously found fault with has, if not completely disappeared at least has been toned down a lot; i.e. the overly worked quirks of Millers Holmes and the over portrayed bad habits that seemed to have been used more for shock value than story advancement.

The last three episodes have seemed to be more cases driven and the opportunities for the display of Holmes' deductive than character driven.
That does not mean that character exploration has been totally dropped, but is playing less of a roll, at least for the time being.

So, for these two episodes I have to give the series;

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