Saturday, September 10, 2011

Second book . . .

Just finished Val Andrews. . .

I did enjoy the book, especially the first two thirds.
Holmes and Watson seemed very familiar in this first part.

The last part, the last third, came off as a little, well, staged and reminded one to
much of the Holmes and Watson of the Rathbone era. And the ending seemed a little rushed and unimaginative.
I did however like the fact that Holmes comes off as a little more approachable in Andrews books.
And my favorite thing about all his books so far is the inclusion of historical characters and facts
in the books, which makes you want to find out more about those things. And you can certainly see Andrews love of the theatre in this book.

You can, however, tell in his books, as with many pastiches, when one attempts to recreate Victorian speech and language, when one is not use to it. If any thing Val maybe tries to sound too Victorian.

But, like I said, I enjoy his books and will continue to read the ones I still have not read.

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