Friday, November 22, 2013

Elementary Season 2 - Episode 9 - "On the Line" - the best one yet.

A young woman commits suicide to frame the person she believes kidnapped and killed her sister.
Holmes and Watson are convinced she is correct, but butt heads with the police, which makes it difficult to prove their case and catch the killer, who seems to be one step ahead of the pair of detectives.

For me, this was one of the tightest stories in the series yet.
It had a good story line, good acting, convincing plot and good ending.
The Canonical references were not over done, and in some way, worked with the story.
Miller was much more in character as Holmes, and Liu's Watson, although still involved, played more the way we expect our Watson to be.

I really liked the show.

Miller's Holmes was more restrained than we have seen for a few weeks, keeping the idiosyncrasies more Holmes like. Nothing went to over board this week. No jealous fits, no overly weird habits, no sibling rivalry.

Liu's Watson played the spark more than the illumination, which is, to me, much more acceptable.

I liked the confrontation between Watson and Holmes over his treatment of the cops he has to work with.
Instead of the drugs being the crutch that Holmes must overcome, in this episode it was his treatment of others. And just like Watson in the Canon, she is unwilling to give up on Holmes overcoming this addiction also.  We see in this episode Watson believing he can change and not be so abrasive.

Aidan Quinn had more to do this week as Gregson.

Troy Garity as Lucas Bundsch did a stellar job playing the emotionally contained psychopath

I thought the show moved along well with some very good twists.
It was also good to see Holmes wrestle with his need to solve the case and his willingness to frame the murderer.

Miller's Holmes' still had some quirks, but they were held in restraint. I think they found a real good balance in this one.

The few Canonical references I caught;
- Of course THOR
- The hidden room, NORW
- Not working well with the local police
- knowledge of chemicals
- doesn't want to clutter is mind with anything that does not pertain to his craft

I have to give it

because I thought it the first really good episode of this season.


  1. Wish there were more episodes like this.


  2. I'm glad you and B2B like this episode. I'm not sure why this one left me indifferent. I agree with all the points you raise in your review but I'll have to watch it again to see why this show left me feeling "eh".

    1. Maybe because it wasn't so off the wall or something. More in a groove that caught us by surprise.