Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh, I wish I could. . . .



  1. Don't bother. You can get a copy of the UK first edition for that if you look carefully and are prepared to compromise on quality a little.

    1. Sounds like a better way to go. Thanks.
      Are you talking about UK ebay or some other site?

    2. Ebay yes. here's a like for US first edition

    3. I think yours is a better deal.

  2. Sorry John that this is off topic, but I was wondering what you thought of "We Are Everyone"? I liked it much better than B2B and he let me down with his Canonical Reference section. We finally get the address of the brownstone: 42 Stamford Ave. Stamford was the one *who* introduced Holmes and Watson while in "Elementary" Stamford was *where* Holmes and Watson were introduced. Moriarty's first name is Jamie, a female version of James. The return address on her letter was "Newgate", a deliberate reference by the writers to Newgate Prison (1188-1902)--yes, they know it no longer exists. It also harkens back to 3GAR "Ah, it is not part of your profession to carry about a portable Newgate Calendar in your memory." Joan's comment that someone else besides her should know Sherlock mirror's Watson's "Your merits should be publicly recognized. You should publish an account of the case. If you won't, I will for you." Albeit in a more personal 21st century way.