Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A pod of Sherlockians just doesn't sound right, so.. . . .

So Doyleockian is suggesting another 'collective' noun.
And I am going to help spread the word.

A gathering of more than one Sherlockian should now be called a "'Deduction' of Sherlockians."

What do ya think?


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  2. We like your idea dear John: http://www.sherlockian-sherlock.com/sherlockian-endevees.php

    And maybe this is a good idea too.

    But Sherlockians - They were born early (victorian era) - need Cannonical knowledge

    Benedeict and Martin fans - ... 2010
    And the series just a modern fanfiction. - not need Cannonical knowledge

    -ian ending = knowledge - example: historian

    Really we need new name? What think BSI or Conan Doyle Estate, or other Sherlockian scholars?
    And why just 2-3 blog write about this phenomenon?

    - sorry my english is not perfect