Sunday, September 7, 2014

I guess I'm a sucker for fun movies . . . and just in time for G2B4

Young Sherlock Holmes is free to watch on Amazon Prime right now.

I always thought Mr. Rowe was a good young Holmes, even if his material was very Spielberg.


  1. When the movie first came out in theaters, I didn't go see it because, well, everybody knows Holmes and Watson didn't meet as school chums. It had a mixed reputation over the years and I never felt in a hurry to watch it. This summer I added the DVD to my small Sherlock Holmes collection. I have to say it is well-made corn. I agree Nicholas Rowe makes a decent Holmes (his turn as an adult film Holmes in the upcoming "Mr. Holmes" should be interesting) and Alan Cox does the best that he can as a scripted young Nigel Bruce--not a youn John Watson. The film is "Indiana Jones" lite, entertaining, if ridiculous--Professor Rupert T. Waxflatter's (reminds of Groucho Marx' name Rufus T. Firefly in "Duck Soup") flying machine is wholly unbelievable, although I like Nigel Stock performance here than as Watson to Wilmer and Cushing. Some missed Sherlockian opportunities--Rowe trying to track the killer footprints in the snow rather than just standing there befuddled in the empty street, for example. Definitely fun.

    1. Not a great movie but a fun movie, and it could serve as a good introduction to Holmes for a younger viewer.
      You are right about Alan Cox playing Nigel Bruce and not Watson.
      And it still think Rowe would have been great in a serious role as a young Holmes

  2. I agree about Rowe; he's one of the few pleasant surprises of the movie. I could see a young viewer of the movies, familiar with the Canon, going to the library to check out the original.

  3. Improvathon, London 2010

    Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) and Watson (Alan Cox) meet Lady Gaga (4:06)

    1. That had to be a hoot! I will check it out.

  4. Nicholas Rowe & Alan Cox

    It's been a while since we last communicated on the film project 'Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein', to the point where a lot of people may have lost hope of ever seeing it. We owe an update to all the supporters who have come forward so far: there's a newly launched blog that will explain, week after week, where it all started and where we are now, and ultimately draw a sketch of things to come. It's a long tale that starts in my kindergarten years and still has to find a conclusion!

    I hope it will clarify things, and encourage people to share their own thoughts and stories.

    Back soon with more news! Let me know if you have any questions.
    Gautier Cazenave

    "Sherlock Holmes. Frankenstein. Sherlock Holmes VERSUS Frankenstein. The film project has been floating around for some time now, and there have been questions lately about whether it's still alive. The answer is: it's been around for much longer than one might think, and yes, it's ALIVE... ALIIIIVE."