Monday, October 27, 2014

Special night for St Louis local Sherlockians who can make it.

With the International Sherlock Holmes Exhibition in town, some of our local Sherlockians have arranged a fun night for all those who can make it.

Post in comments if you need more info.

Hi all,

Here is the latest from the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit.

As you know, I have been working to get a 'local Sherlockian' presence at the November 7th "First Friday' event at the Science Center.  I have copied below my previous text on that night.  Anyway, I can now report that WE HAVE A ROOM at the Science Center that night.  The Conference of Sherlockians will begin at 9:00 pm in the A-B Meeting room downstairs at the Science Center.  This will give you time to view and participate in the exhibit (you'll need a good couple of hours), then meet together to discuss the exhibit, then finally attend the viewing of the final BBC 'Sherlock' episode in the Omnimax theater at 10 pm.  So it will be a COMPLETE evening of Sherlock Holmes.

There will also be a table display for local Sherlockian scions which is being created by the Center (free of charge) with some help from me.  So those in attendance can take shifts manning the table and discussing aspects of our meetings that might attract new-comers.

We need at least 10 Sherlockians to get the Group Rate of $12.00 per person.  This will pay for your admission into the exhibit.  The room and the Omnimax are courtesy of the Science Center.  

So let's get this together for the common Game of all scions!  Please either send me $12 to reserve your spot or RSVP on email and PROMISE and SWEAR on the lives of all the Violets in the Canon that you will pay me back and I will pick up our tickets.  Unfortunately, I cannot be there due to a contractual commitment with my band that night.  But I will arrange this and have the tickets available for all of you at the ticket counter in the Science Center.

Schedule for November 7:
ARRIVAL 6:30-7:00 PM
EXHIBITION Immediately following
CONFERENCE OF SHERLOCKIANS 9:00 PM in Meeting Room A-B downstairs
SHERLOCK Viewing in the Omnimax 10:00 PM

On the exhibit, it is VERY impressive!  I know some of you have already been there to check it out.  They could use more volunteers, especially if you have period clothing.  They like that so much they hired actors to wear Victorian attire in the exhibit.  It's all very cool!

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