Friday, May 8, 2015

Short hiatus

I am going on a short hiatus on the Sea Unicorn this week so will not be able to post my recent review of Elementary or anything else till next Friday when my ship comes back in.

Have a great week.


  1. Enjoy the trip Captain, while we enjoy the hiatus from another "Elementary" review for a week.

    At least we still have Brad Keefauver's 'It's Murder, I tell ya! Murder!' blog at to keep me updated on the latest from Mr. Elementary & Joannie.

    I hope you were able to avoid that first of the season storm brewing in the Atlantic.

  2. There is a counterpoint to consider:
    While you happen to think that Brad's review was DEAD ON, Howard, I am of the opinion that it was dead on arrival. I did enjoy the Babes interview of Rob Doherty, although I would have asked a few more hard hitting questions. Funny how these women don't see the blatant sexism that Brad does. I guess he needs to school 'em on feminism 101.