Monday, June 1, 2015

Mr. Foster's Opus

Lacking the challenge Brad offered last summer and finding Elementary and Sherlock on hiatus I believe it is time for me to start a major research project or two that I have been putting off for several years, waiting for (which will never happen) a large chuck of time in which to do them.

To start on the project I am going to try to read at least one of the short stories each day, underlining what I am looking for in each story. I will save the novels till the end. (Other than the Hound, I have never been all that thrilled about having to go through the novels again. Maybe this will change my mind.)

Although I don't want to discuss at this time what the two researches are about, I am also hoping to come up with at least one other discussion point each day to post here.

The two research projects I hope will eventually end up here after publication in some august journal.

I hope you come along for the summer ride.


  1. Or perhaps in a journal that publishes in another month besides August.

    1. One is definitly for that august journal.