Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Do you agree?

Sherlock Holmes; The Ten Greatest Watsons.


  1. You are kidding me, right? Pathetic, one quick glance and I see Dudley Moore (one of the worst ever) and Andrew Sachs (yes I love his Manuel, but if your going to use a radio guy his predecessor Michael Williams would be the obvious pick), YET - NO DAVID BURKE and NO ANDREY PANIN!!!!!!! My Top Ten Watsons (at the moment and subject to change of course, since it just off the top of my head, are:
    1)Andrey Panin
    2)Martin Freeman
    3)David Burke
    4)Edward Hardwicke
    5)Nigel Bruce
    6)Vitaly Solomin
    7)Jude Law
    8)Ben Kingsley
    9)Nigel Stock
    10)Mike Archer

    1. I would have to say yours would be closer to most Sherlockians list than the one in the link.