Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elementary - S4E4 - 'All My Exes Live in Essex' - a review

This episode opens with both Holmes and Watson handcuffed and sitting in chairs in their flat.
It is a training exercise to see which of the two can open the new cuffs the quickest.
While handcuffed Watson's phone goes off. Holmes gets his hands undone first and gets the phone.
Watson opens hers moments later.
The phone call is from a former colleague of Watson's asking for her help with the disappearance of an employee.
Holmes and Watson investigate the lab where where the victim, Abby Campbell, had been working and follow a trail of sticky wheel marks to an area where bodies are disassembled for organ donation. It is here where they find the victims skeleton with all the 'extra' parts missing.
Meanwhile, Watson finds out from a friend that another police detective is checking up on Watson for some unknown reason.

This again, I feel, was one of the better episodes of the last few years. The plot was different and although it had a few weak spots, it made for an interesting case. The murderer was probably one of the most repulsive so far if you think about it. Not only was he willing to murder his wife, he was also willing to misdiagnose other people for the shake of money.

Although it is hard to tell if they were intentional or just me looking for Canonical treasures, I was able to come away with a few good discussion points.

The opening scene can suggest Holmes' need to keep current on devices and methods used by the criminal portion of society. Understanding new handcuffs show Holmes needing to keep up with changes. I think the first seasons 'lock wall' served that purpose better, but this was I believe along the same lines of thought.

This episode also highlighted once again Watson's medical skill contribution to the case.

Also, the strangeness of the marriage situation in the case could suggest some of the strange relationships in the Canon between men and women. Rarely were many of  the Canonical relationships what they first seemed.

Detective Cortes' issues with Watson would suggest, to me, the lack of respect some in the Canonical Scotland Yard had for the early career of Holmes. In this case the dislike is targeted at Watson, but is basically the same thing, 'Amatures need not apply.'

The fight unseen scene at the end would suggest Holmes' (Watson's) ability with some sort of Martial Art. And Canonically we see that true in at least Holmes' case.

This year seems also to focus more on Holmes' observation skills and is putting them to good use.

On the strength of this season so far and the Canonical discussion points I found or made up, I can fairly give this episode four pipes ( blogger is not letting me import pictures at the moment, so I will paste a pipe photo later.)

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