Thursday, February 23, 2017

North of the Border, up Canada way. . . . Elementary S5 -E's 13 & 14

These latest two episodes involved our friends to the North, and focused, as it has a habit of doing, on issues that have been in the headlines lately, either on a small scale, black market maple syrup, or a large scale, global warming.

Well, maple syrup at thirteen hundred dollars a barrel, maybe it isn't such a small crime after all.

This is a real photo of Global Strategic Maple Syrup reserves in Quebec.

In 2012 540,000 barrels were stolen, 12.5 percent of the reserve. A street value of 13.4 million dollars. (this heist is currently being planned as a movie).

So, yes, 'Over a Barrel' is a timely topic.

And 'Rekt in Real Life' is also a big money topic; the world of gaming.

I am enjoying this season a lot. Elementary has seemed to find a more comfortable format that is skipping some of the crazy of the first few years.
A couple of fun discussion points of these last couple of weeks could be the mention of cases Holmes was involved in that Watson did not record.
And perhaps collateral damage of cases Holmes did not take.

The Shinwell story line is getting a little tiresome, and I hope it resolves itself before next season.

And yes, I still think 'Elementary' is better than 'Sherlock'.

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