Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It is a shame that's all they have to say.

Over the past several years I have stopped following several blogs and discontinued a few periodicals because of a seemingly acute fixation with Sherlock Holmes and John Watsons sexuality.

It seems strange to me, in this day and age ,where ones sexuality is something, we are told, that should not matter about the character of the person, that these writers that I have stopped following feel the need to dwell on that and keep putting it out there.

I don't understand the need to make someone else's character one way or the other. What need is that type of writer filling.
A personal satisfaction?
A need to place their name next to someone else's creation?
The inability to create an individual or individuals of their own that can stand the test of time.

It has no longer become a scholarly pursuit to prove one way or the other for passages within the Canon, but instead a personal satisfaction of the writers fixation.
What to me is the biggest shame in all of this trend is that some very talented writers need that plot devise to get published, which, it would seem, would limit their readership.

The characters in the CBS TV show 'Instinct' prove the LGBT characters can and should be portrayed in a respectful manner, and can stand on their own as original characters. One of the best new shows out there.

I know there is a market out there for the type of fan fiction that is driving this Johnlock need and that has to be assumed to be the driving force behind it.

I was a big fan of The Watsonian from the John H Watson Society when it first came out. Even having several things published in it.
But the trend towards the need to publish things about Sherlock and Dr. Watson's sexuality made me cancel my membership. Even every once in a while reconsidering that decision till I come across another copy.
Not something I would want to pass on to young Sherlockians anymore.

Once again I am sure I will be told how narrow minded I am,  .  .  . but hay, that's what blogs are for.

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