Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I really enjoyed this book. . . .

The book examines the life of a retired Holmes, now 93 years old, with slight mental  diminishment and dealing with all that that means.
The book was very well written with a style that easily could have been Holmes' own hand.
And although it does handle three small mysteries, they are not the focus of the book. They are used more as a tool to explain things that are now going on in his life.
The book did run a little slow in a couple spots, and only on pages 198 and 199 did go unnecessarily astray.
For the most part, author did not fall into the often happens state of trying to shock the readers with revelations about Holmes that loyal readers would find offensive.
The conclusions are acceptable and Cullin seems very fond of the subject.
The book examines what it could have been like for Sherlock to be facing the last years of his life, very alone, with all the people he held dear gone.
 The author also handles the deaths of Mrs. Hudson and Watson with grace and dignity.
It really makes you hope Holmes found some happiness in the years between his retirement and the year this book takes place.

P.S. The movie about this book is the one that Ben Kingsley my star in.


  1. Nice review of the book.

    I will check this one out.. Have you tried 'The House of Silk' by Anthony Horowitz. I liked that one very much...


  2. It is worth the read. If I haven't reviewed House of Silk yet I need to. I read it, and perhaps because I was expecting to much, it fell a little short for me.
    Thanks for you comments.