Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Browsing the Web. The Harpooners of the Sea Unicron

I came across this image.

Many years ago the Harpooners helped and supported an actor, Darryl Maximillian Robinson pull of a production of  The Final Problem.

He put the production on at our local pub as a preview to the stage production.

Darryl Maximillian Robinson could pull off one of the best British accents we had ever heard.

Usually when someone did something of a Sherlockian nature with the HSU; make a presentation, help with logistics, etc., we would make them and honorary member. Jeremy Brett recieved one.

Back then the Harpooners had many fun awards. Since their name came from a seafaring Sherlockian tale, all the awards were whales or something nautical.

Great fun.


  1. March 24, 2019 - I should like to take this long-overdue opportunity to thank Michael Bragg, John Foster and all of the members of that fine and capital St. Louis / St. Charles, Missouri Area Sherlock Holmes Society, The Harpooners of The Sea Unicorn, for their excellent and memorable support of myself as Sherlock Holmes and the actors of The 1992 Excaliber Productions, Ltd. staging of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem!" mounted at The Miller's Daughter's Pub of St. Charles and The Midtown Arts Center of St. Louis. Those were grand and glorious days doing theatre in the Gateway City. Mr. Jeff Adam Nixon as Doctor Watson and Mr. Paul DeHart as Professor Moriarty joined me in receiving 1992 Harpooners of The Sea Unicorn Certificates of Honourary Membership Awards for Excaliber's staging of The Final Problem, and our small by stalwart band of players were equally thrilled to have the support of The Harpooners for our 1992 summer production of "An Evening With Sherlock Holmes" ( including "The Case of Black Peter" and "The Dying Detective" ) mounted at The Little Theatre of St. Louis University as well as at The Miller's Daughter's Pub. It was one of the great joys of my life to play Sherlock Holmes for audiences in the Greater St. Louis Area and I have never forgotten their kind words of support. LONG LIVE SHERLOCK HOLMES!- Darryl Maximilian Robinson, Los Angeles-based Theatre Artist and Founder, Artistic Director and Producer of The Excaliber Shakespeare Company of Chicago.

    1. Thank you, and those were indeed good days.