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publication order of Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

(BCA) = Beeton's Christmas Annual
(LMM) = Lippincott's Monthly Magazine
(TSM) = The Strand Magazine
(HW) = Harper's Weekly
(M) = McClure's
(C) = Collier's
(AM) = American Magazine
(HIM) = Hearst's International Magazine
(L) = Liberty
first publication datestitles of storiescodesnarratoraction
011887 Nov (BCA)A Study in ScarletSTUDWatson
021890 Feb (LMM)The Sign of FourSIGNWatson
031891 Jul (TSM)1. A Scandal in BohemiaSCANWatson1888
041891 Aug (TSM)2. The Red-Headed LeagueREDHWatson1890
051891 Sep (TSM)3. A Case of IdentityIDENWatson
061891 Oct (TSM)4. The Boscombe Valley MysteryBOSCWatson
071891 Nov (TSM)5. The Five Orange PipsFIVEWatson1887
081891 Dec (TSM)6. The Man with the Twisted LipTWISWatson1889
091892 Jan (TSM)7. The Adventure of the Blue CarbuncleBLUEWatson
101892 Feb (TSM)8. The Adventure of the Speckled BandSPECWatson1883
111892 Mar (TSM)9. The Adventure of the Engineer's ThumbENGRWatson1889
121892 Apr (TSM)10. The Adventure of the Noble BachelorNOBLWatson
131892 May (TSM)11. The Adventure of the Beryl CoronetBERYWatson
141892 Jun (TSM)12. The Adventure of the Copper BeechesCOPPWatson
151892 Dec (TSM) (HW)13. The Adventure of Silver BlazeSILVWatson
161893 Jan (TSM) (HW)14. The Adventure of the Cardboard BoxCARDWatson
171893 Feb (TSM) (HW)15. The Adventure of the Yellow FaceYELLWatson
181893 Mar (TSM) (HW)16. The Adventure of the Stock-Broker's ClerkSTOCWatson
191893 Apr (TSM) (HW)17. The Adventure of the "Gloria Scott"GLORWatson
201893 May (TSM) (HW)18. The Adventure of the Musgrave RitualMUSGWatson
211893 Jun (TSM) (HW)19. The Adventure of the Reigate SquiresREIGWatson1887
221893 Jul (TSM) (HW)20. The Adventure of the Crooked ManCROOWatson
231893 Aug (TSM) (HW)21. The Adventure of the Resident PatientRESIWatson
241893 Sep (TSM) (HW)22. The Adventure of the Greek InterpreterGREEWatson
251893 Oct, Nov (TSM) (HW)23. The Adventure of the Naval TreatyNAVAWatson
261893 Dec (TSM) (M)24. The Adventure of the Final ProblemFINAWatson1891
271901 Aug — 1902 Apr (TSM)The Hound of the BaskervillesHOUNWatson
281903 Sep (C) (TSM)1. The Adventure of the Empty HouseEMPTWatson1894
291903 Oct (C) (TSM)2. The Adventure of the Norwood BuilderNORWWatson
301903 Dec (C) (TSM)3. The Adventure of the Dancing MenDANCWatson
311903 Dec (C) (TSM)4. The Adventure of the Solitary CyclistSOLIWatson1895
321904 Jan (C) (TSM)5. The Adventure of the Priory SchoolPRIOWatson
331904 Feb (C) (TSM)6. The Adventure of Black PeterBLACWatson1895
341904 Mar (C) (TSM)7. The Adventure of Charles Augustus MiIvertonCHASWatson
351904 Apr (C) (TSM)8. The Adventure of the Six NapoleonsSIXNWatson
361904 Jun (TSM) (C)9. The Adventure of the Three Students3STUWatson1895
371904 Jul (TSM) (C)10. The Adventure of the Golden Pince-NezGOLDWatson1894
381904 Aug (TSM) (C)11. The Adventure of the Missing Three-QuarterMISSWatson
391904 Sep (TSM) (C)12. The Adventure of the Abbey GrangeABBEWatson1897
401904 Dec (TSM) (C)13. The Adventure of the Second StainSECOWatson
411908 Aug (C) (TSM)The Adventure of Wisteria LodgeWISTWatson1892
421908 Dec (TSM) (C)The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington PlansBRUCWatson1895
431910 Dec (TSM)The Adventure of the Devil's FootDEVIWatson1897
441911 Mar, Apr (TSM)The Adventure of the Red CircleREDCWatson
451911 Dec (TSM) (AM)The Disappearance of Lady Frances CarfaxLADYWatson
461913 Nov (C) (TSM)The Adventure of the Dying DetectiveDYINWatson
471914 Sep — 1915 May (TSM)The Valley of FearVALLWatson
481917 Sep (TSM) (C)His Last BowLASTAnonym1914
491921 Oct (TSM) (HIM)The Adventure of the Mazarin StoneMAZAAnonym
501922 Feb, Mar (TSM) (HIM)The Problem of Thor BridgeTHORWatson
511923 Mar (TSM) (HIM)The Adventure of the Creeping ManCREEWatson1903
521924 Jan (TSM) (HIM)The Adventure of the Sussex VampireSUSSWatson
531924 Oct (C) (TSM)The Adventure of the Three Garridebs3GARWatson1902
541924 Nov (C) (TSM)The Adventure of the Illustrious ClientILLUWatson1902
551926 Sep (L) (TSM)The Adventure of the Three Gables3GABWatson
561926 Oct (L) (TSM)The Adventure of the Blanched SoldierBLANHolmes1903
571926 Nov (L) (TSM)The Adventure of the Lion's ManeLIONHolmes1907
581926 Dec (L) (TSM)The Adventure of the Retired ColourmanRETIWatson1898
591927 Jan (L) (TSM)The Adventure of the Veiled LodgerVEILWatson1896
601927 Mar (L) (TSM)The Adventure of Shoscombe Old PlaceSHOSWatson
The first publication dates refer to the first or only magazine listed for each story. Where a second
magazine is listed, publication dates can range from the same month to several months later. As is
shown, of the 60 stories, 58 of them appeared in The Strand Magazine.Titles with a blue background appeared in The Strand Magazine as Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Titles with a green background appeared in The Strand Magazine as The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
The date of 1892 given by Watson for WIST conflicts with what is told in EMPT.
In THOR, the next published story after the two narrated anonymously, Watson claimed authorship
of them: "In some I was myself concerned and can speak as an eye-witness, while in others I was
either not present or played so small a part that they could only be told as by a third person."


  1. I spent quite a bit of time recently coming up with my own version of this list. While it was fun, it just goes to show that what ever you do in the Sherlockian world chances are someone has done it first.

    1. Did you come up with anything that needed changing.