Monday, March 18, 2013

How we do get around. . .

Many years ago, when I was much more involved with the Sherlockian Society 'Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn', I designed a stein for our members, which included their name and membership status, which they could take home and display, or leave at our English Pub meeting place for use during meetings.
While, today, exploring web data on the Harpooners I came across this add on 'ebay'.
I remember the name on the stein, while not remembering the person himself.
The stein has 'C.M.' on it which meant he was a Charter Member, having joined in the first year of the societies founding, 1989.
Having started the stein making in around 1990, it is one pretty old piece of memorabilia for the Harpooners.
Now, I don't remember any scandal in the club that involved the person named on the stein, so I can't imagine why they would want to sell it.
If you look hard enough, it is amazing what you find.

Glass Stein

If I remember correctly, we used the money we made on them (which wasn't much) to help fund the club.
We sold them for $18.95.

So, he isn't making to much on it.

Sorry they need to sell.

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