Thursday, September 19, 2013

Darn, I missed the start of the new series of Foyle's War



  1. I too like Foyle's War. I caught it on PBS this past Sunday, the first of a three episode season. Before it came on, PBS had an hour long special "Inside Foyle's War" from 6:30 to 8:00--yes host Len Cariou said with unsurprising frequency, "We've return to this special look inside the world of Chief Superintendent Foyle in just a moment..." and had the local station ask viewers like me for support. I had hoped that the special would remind me of the past six seasons and eleven years of the series, but unfortunately it spent an inordinate amount of time ruining season seven. Don't watch until you've seen the seventh season if you have the chance. There are some nice interviews with Anthony Horowitz, Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks (no Michael Kitchen) but the special showed Foyle talking with episode one's guilty party and gave way plot twists to that episode as well. I also have the feeling that it show the final scene for episode three.

    Episode one, "The Eternity Ring" was very good. Hopefully, your PBS station re-airs Masterpiece Mystery on Saturday, so you'll be able to watch it. (But for a pledge of $180 you can get season seven of "Foyle's War", the box set of seasons one through six and the special you're watching now, "Inside Foyle's War". That's 27 DVDs at a price cheaper than what you'd pay if you bought in a store, plus you pledge will help to continue to bring you programing like "Foyle's War", etc. etc.)

    1. Thanks for the tips.
      I will look for it to be re-aired on Sat.