Monday, September 9, 2013

'Elementary' fans, according to another blogger, you may not be bright enough. . .

to make the move to the actual books about Sherlock Holmes, expecting only stories on Holmes as they relate to 'Elementary'.
Apparently you are only followers of police procedural's and never venture far from your remote and read anything other than stuff that takes place around the same time.
You had probably never heard of Sherlock Holmes before, or had a parent or friend who ever said, "Hey you know, I read his books once."
Since you are stuck on 'Elementary', you probably never go to your PBS station and realize there is another version of Holmes, which seemly by some magic of fate has a smarter viewing audience that will actually go out and look up the books and except the fact that they take place in two different time periods. They are able to make the connection, but you are not.
Because you like 'Elementary' you are probably never going to be a Sherlockian, unless you watch that other show also and can tell which is the real Holmes and which isn't.

Hey, but that's OK, I'm right there with you. 'Sherlock Holmes for Dummies' was written for us.

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