Friday, April 4, 2014

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #46 - Sir Paul McCartney

Well, I didn't expect this one to go so quickly, after all, he hasn't been in a lot of movies

Sir Paul McCartney - (1942)

was in the Beatles driven movie HELP! - 1965

in which Leo McKern (1920-2202) took part

he also took part in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother" 1975

in which, once again, Douglas Wilmer (1920) played Sherlock Holmes

So, there you have it, there you are.


  1. A non-movie connection: the cover of McCartney's "Band on the Run" album features Christopher Lee.

    1. How did he can involved with that?

    2. From the 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Band on the Run" (1999) liner notes "The Cover Photo" by Mark Lewisohn:

      ....The idea for the cover echoed ever so slightly...Sgt. Pepper. For that sleeve, back in 1967, four real people had posed among cardboard cut-outs and wax effigies that combined to make up a crowd of famous faces. Now, to depict a band on the run, there were nine famous people in prison uniform, breaking out of jail....
      Three of these nine comprised Paul, Linda and fellow Wings bandmate Denny Laine, the other six were celebrities certainly recognisible to the British observer, two or three of them known beyond the UK's shores. Sleevewise, left to rightwise, those trying to Run numbered Michael Parkinson (the journalist best known for his Saturday-night TV chat show), Kenny Lynch 9the singer, occasional actor and TV wagster), Paul, James Coburn (the American actor--he happened to be in Britain at the time filming "The Internecine Project"), Linda, Clement Freud (the gourmet, raconteur and wit who went into politics), Christopher Lee (the actor best know for his horror movie roles), Denny Laine, and John Conteh (the boxer from Liverpool who went on to become Wold Light-Heavyweight Champion)....

      As to how Paul knew or got Lee to pose, according to a post by Joakim Lundberg on the Christopher Lee Official Website: "Mr Lee had completed *The Magic Christian* at this time and he had met all four of The Beatels. He had recieved a message from Paul McCartneys office saying he was going to shoot the cover of *Band on the Run* in Osterley Park outside London and he was asked if he would go out there and he said yes of course. The cover was taken during the night and it was pitch black in the park. This question has been asked before and there's a audio file of it in the Multimedia archives. This album has been available here at this site and I believe it is still."