Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #49 - Jackie Coogan

Child actor and future 'Adams Family' member, Jackie Coogan (1914-1984)

had an un-credited part in 1953 'The Actress'

which featured the wonderful Jean Simmons (1929-2010)

who took part in 1946's 'Great Expectations' 

which also starred Sir Alec Guiness (1914-2000)

who starred in 1977's small film 'Star Wars'

in which Sherlock Holmes actor Peter Cushing (1913-1994) took part

So, there you have it, there you are.

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  1. There is a much quicker Sherlockian connection: Jackie Coogan was the Haymarket Hotel Proprietor in the wonderfully bad (but not so bad that it's wonderful) "Sherlock Holmes in New York" who shares his one scene with everyone's top three Sherlock Holmes, Roger Moore.