Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is your most prized Sherlockian possession?

What is your most prized Sherlockian possession?
What would be the last thing you would get rid of?
If your wife insisted that you clean out your attic library to make room for her mother, what would be the one thing that you would keep (that's assuming she will let you keep any).

As we tend to get older, some of us find the need to thin out things we have collected over the years.
Do we need every single plush toy that has any reference in costume or character to the Great Detective?

Maybe you are needing a little more money to get daughter through her fifteenth year of collage.
So we thin out our collection of Sherlockian match book covers.

Sometimes we realize that our collections are less important to us now than they once were.

Or maybe we realize we don't need fifty three copies of The Speckled Band.

But most of us would chose to hold on to at least a thing or two.

Would it be your first edition "Hound"?

Or maybe the first Sherlock Holmes book you ever got, the one you picked up in Bangor so you would have something to read while working in the backwoods of Maine.

Would it be the Deerstalker hat you got while in Edinburgh?

Maybe the coffee cup you got at Simpson's-on-the-Strand.

Are your kids moving back in with you and they need their rooms back, so most of your stuff has to go?

Would you keep some of the Victorian accouterments that decorate your mantel?
I have a nice Bulls-eye lantern that I am proud of.

If your wife asks you, "Is it going to be your damn ( fill in the blank ) or me?" If you don't chose her, what would be your "fill in the blank"?

Much of my collection revolves almost as much around Victorian Britain as it does around Holmes, so I am not sure what I would chose.
I still have the first Holmes book I ever got. And I do have the Deerstalker I picked up in Yorkshire.
I love the coffee cup from Simpson's.

OH! What about that magazine cover which featured Black Peter?

What would you chose, what would you keep? What sits in the most prized place on your shelf?

"Honey, give me a second. I'm not ignoring your question."


  1. The Russian Adaptation (Vasily Livanov) DVD collection.


    1. Is it true they were done in the 50's?

    2. They were filmed between 1979-1986.


  2. Haven't been able to find that on locally yet, I need to. You keep recommending it.