Monday, June 23, 2014

Brad's summer reading list - # 7- GREE

Once again, intrigue from a foreign land.
Mainly because I haven't the mental energy this morning to produce a work of even minor scholarly worth, I am going to suggest an inquiry instead. In other words; I am hoping someone with more mental energy than I will have a more scholarly answer.
But before we begin.

If for not other reason than this line, “Because my brother Mycroft possesses it in a larger degree than I do.”, GREE would forever find itself in the annals of Sherlock Holmes Canon.
In reality, for better or worse, this line and a few surrounding passages probably get more focus than anything else in this case. Mycroft appears or is mentioned in only four tales in the Canon. GREE is his introduction. And ever since then we Sherlockians have been trying to put a face on his personality and character, just like we have done with Holmes, Watson and many others in the stories.
(I actually like Stephen Fry as Mycroft in many ways in the RDJ movies.)

The story starts in Baker St. with Holmes and Watson after afternoon tea ( how many times do we hear that in the Canon?) discussing a variety of topics eventually coming around to how heredity effects ones talents or abilities. It not only sounds like an interesting conversation, but it is comforting to know that Holmes and Watson would at times just relax and enjoy each others company when not involved in a case. One of those minor things we may at times overlook.

It is during this conversation that Mycroft's name comes up. And although we hear very little of Mycroft as the cases go by, we are lead to believe at one time in GREE that the brothers may have more contact than we may first imagine.

But that's for another time. (A gasp goes up from my reading audience.)

What I am seeking today is answer to a question that has arisen from Brad's summer reading list.
And that is; Who many cases of Sherlock Holmes involve intrigue that is generated from some foreign country, either in it's participants or origin of the crime?
Just going over several of my favorites I find that most of them involve someone or something of a non-British nature.
It is interesting.
Anyone care to give me an informed or uninformed idea?


  1. I haven't read the Casebook, but my guess is nine.

    SCAN: Czech Republic
    FIVE: USA/India
    NOBL: Bride is from USA
    SECO:somewhere in Europe
    WIST: Americas
    LADY: everywhere

    1. Many more. HOUND, SIGN, LAST, etc. etc