Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #55 - Ruby Dee

The  incomparable Ruby Dee (1922 - 2014)

had a part in a film called "The Tall Target" - 1951

which also featured non-Nordic actor Leif Erickson (1911-1986)

who took part in 1942's "Eagle Squadron"

which featured the Watson that set the standard for many years, Nigel Bruce (1895-1953)

An interesting side note about Eagle Squadron;

The film began as a documentary, with the cooperation with the British Ministry of Information, on real Eagle Squadron pilots. The film's producers identified six that would serve as the focus of the film. The squadron continued to fight during filming in Britain in summer 1941, however, and after six weeks all six men were dead. Producer Walter Wanger relocated the production to Hollywood and rewrote the script into a fictional story about an American volunteer learning to understand the British. source, wikipedia

On a more personal note. My dad, while stationed with the RAF, did some work with the Eagle Squadron.

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