Friday, April 24, 2015

Elementary S3E21 - 'Under My Skin' - just enough to be irritating. . . .

The episode opens with Alfredo celebrating five years of being clean and thanking his friends and supporters at a support group meeting.
While at the meeting, Holmes spots someone who does not belong. 
While across town two ambulance attendants are murdered and the patient in the back is kidnapped.
The man who does not belong at the support meeting turns out to be tailing Alfredo hoping to catch Alfredo stealing cars. A crime he is not guilty of.
The women kidnapped in the ambulance turns out to be an unsuspecting 'mule' carrying drugs back from Brazil.

As far as procedurals go, it was an average episode. With the overdone murder count and graphics of the crimes, the episode lacked any finesse. The well known guest star was going to prove to be the bad guy once again. The crime lacked, really, any need for a Holmes like detective to be involved.
The fact that the victims were almost dealt with more like numbers than people was a little disappointing. They were treated more like vessels used in a crime than people who lost their lives.

The story line involving Alfredo was once again there to show how much Holmes has grown over the last three years. He is able now to recognize his need and desire to have friends and at all cost, whether they want his help or not, will do anything to protect them. A story line that is important but that is dominating too many story lines in a row.

Canonically I found nothing of note to discuss ( and hope maybe someone else did ).
Canonically I guess we can consider Watson's pointing out the sutures in the victims as a Watson-like involvement from the Canon. But even that may be reaching because the show has already done that several times.

I do however like the fact that Miller's Holmes is still being played much more low key than earlier in the season.

So, because of the lack of Canonical references of any import, and the fact that the last couple of weeks have left us hopeful, I can only fairly give this episode;

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