Thursday, April 9, 2015

My favorite quote from a recent interview. . . .

“We have just filmed the Special, which as you may know, is set in 1885. I swear to God I couldn’t answer this for laughing for fully five minutes, but Steven and I were asked: ‘How can Sherlock Holmes exist in an era without iPhones?’ He just said: ‘There is some history of that.’ 

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  1. "Our version has so fundamentally become Sherlock Holmes that people have trouble thinking it could be Victorian.” Here is the problem in a nutshell; people think Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes and that Holmes was invented by Moffat and Gatiss. As I wrote on an IHOSE post awhile back, we are not living in a new Sherlock Holmes boom but a BBC Sherlock boom. While some may complain about the detrimental effects "Elementary" will have on the image of Sherlock Holmes, it is "Sherlock" that is now and will in the foreseeable future that will have the most harmful impact on Doyle's original. A generation or two ago, Sherlockians had to separate the image of Doyle's Watson from Nigel Bruce. Now...

    1. We must make sure the public is properly informed.
      Hopefully during the hiatus of 'Sherlock' many will check out the books.