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Elementary Review - Season 4, Episodes 11 and 12, and now13 and 14

I know, I better get on the ball and start doing these in a more timely manner.
Between cold weather, Powder Puff Derby projects, an upcoming vacation, Girl Scout cookie sales and a couple of days illness, I am just not getting to these as soon as I would like.

So, please forgive me and here goes.

My review of each episode will be brief, more of a short overview. Then I will give my overall impressions of the last month of viewing.

Episode 11, 'Down Where the Dead Delight'  I really enjoyed this episode. I was hoping the young lady with the great voice working for the NYPD coroner’s office would stick around for a few more episodes, but alas. . . . it was not to be. We see Joan once again having to deal with Det. Cortez. But no fight this time.

Episode 12, 'A View with a Room' Again, another interesting episode with a few twists and turns.
And also, again, another episode this year with no explination for motive. More on that in a minute.
It was great to have the character of Fiona Helbron back, once again involved with both Holmes and Watson.

Episode 13, 'A Study in Charlotte'  Of course the title comes from STUD and is a good play on the name. Holmes also runs into problems with an old neighbor over noise issues. And the case itself was very well done. Also an interesting use of the word 'RACHE' from STUD. I also liked Millers Holmes explanation for his dislike of tattoos, given that Miller is known for some of his.

Episode 14, 'Who is that Masked Man' Although not an original motive for a case, committing a crime so your family has money after you die, (probably done a couple times in Elementary already) the masks and the mortician concept was fun. Holmes also gave an in-depth explanation about his love of disguises and how he could have done well in the theatre. Very Canonical. And how heard it really is to pull off a great disguise up close. (I still think Brett did some of the best in SCAN.)

As with most of this season, I found these episodes some of the best.
Holmes' observation and deductive skills are much more highlighted than they have been in past seasons. Using his knowledge of chemistry and science in general has been well done. 
The show is doing a better job of showing Holmes (and still some times Watson) spotting clues that the 'regulars' miss and in a more Sherlockian way.

I think, so far, this season is also exploring Holmes' backstory better than it has done before now.
We are never all going to agree on how we think Holmes was brought up, or how and who his parents were. Or for that matter, his relationship with his parents and family. And although I don't necessarily agree or like the explanation Elementary is giving for those relationships, I do like the fact that they are putting their case out there and going with it.

I like the fact that this season is exploring what kind of woman a man like Holmes would be interested in. It will be interesting to see if Fiona makes another appearance.

I like the fact that this season Holmes' personality is less over the top. Although we will never all agree on what actually is a more Canonical Holmes for 'Elementary', I do feel an attempt is being made to be more faithful.

I found the story about the disgruntled neighbor fun, and once again it explored a side of the Canon that is not much dealt with. What did the neighbors think of some the goings-on in 221b?

Watson is playing more of the side-kick instead of partner this season, at least where the major case of the stories usually go. If she is very involved with a case it is usually one of her own. She contributes more this year where her expertise lay.

A few of the episodes this season have left the motives unexplained. I am hoping that, along with Holmes' fathers story line, will lead to the involvement of a 'Moriarty' type character. It would be alright with me if Natalie Dormer returned.

Over all this season,  I am looking forward to each new episode, which I could not say the last couple of years.
And they are becoming even more fun to 'Play the Game' with.
 Given that, I give these last four episodes;

And I leave you with one more question to ponder; Would Sherlock Holmes have bought Girl Scout Cookies?

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