Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just goes to show what I know.

Here is was, thinking I was on the edge of Sherlockian greatness. I should have known better.
I was going to take all the untold cases of Sherlock Holmes and come up with a four letter abbreviation list for them.
I was making good head way.
But I kept digging to make sure I had not missed any.
And low and behold, I found it had already been done.
Like I said, I should have known.

Here is the list compiled by Sherlockian Chris Redmond

Chris Redmonds list

I will have to find another way to be ranked with the Sherlockian elite (I want to hang out with Brad).
Wait, Okay, I know! I'll abbreviate the whole Canon! Any word over four letters, abbreviate!
That's it!