Monday, May 9, 2016

Houdini and Doyle, what can we expect. . . . .

This weekend I watched the first episode of Houdini and Doyle not knowing what to expect.

The episode, and I am guessing the rest of the series will be like it, centers on  a murder case that seems to center around spirits and ghosts.
With Houdini trying to prove it wasn't a supernatural killer and Doyle, of course, trying to prove it was. In between is a sensible female constable trying to prove herself in a mans world.

Doyle is of course irritated that the public is still crying for more Holmes while he is trying to prove he is capable of more than that.

Lots of Doyle connections are made throughout the show. Two of Doyles children are present in the household, as is Doyles first wife.

The most fun about the new show is the Victorian settings and costumes and the young female police constable played by Rebecca Liddiard. While women were still not present on the police force at this time, her character balances Doyle and Houdini. (Nor had Doyle and Houdini actually when this show is set.)(And the context of how much Doyle was involved with spiritualism at this period of time is a little off also.)

I think this will be a fun show, and much like Sherlock and Elementary it could become a game of catching as many Doyle and Sherlock Holmes references as one can.

I will let Doyleokian tell us how much is fact and how much is accurate.


  1. Houdini says 'Your're a Catholic, aren't you?' with no statement from Doyle that he isn't. His (Doyles) wife seems to be kept in a hospital in a coma for some reason.(so he can have a medium contact her!) And as seen in the real photo of the pair, Doyle should be a head taller than Houdini. How come Doyle is never as tall as he should be in film, or Houdini as Short? And, as I've read elsewhere, the underground would not be called a subway by any of the characters. I'm sure that there is more nit-picking that could be done, or , just watch the show. (I don't know if I will, though.)

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