Wednesday, June 22, 2016

While not Sherlockain - I did not know this.

Agatha Christie, Crime Writer & Britain's First Female Surfer

Who would have thought that Agatha Christie, the famed murder mystery writer, would be the first female surfer in Britain?
In 1922, Christie and her husband Archie went on a trip to South Africa, where it’s thought the Devon-born writer took up the sport.
“It was occasionally painful as you took a nosedive down into the sand, but on the whole it was an easy sport and great fun,” she wrote.
Later that year, in Hawaii, Agatha took to her board once again.
“I learned to become expert – or at any rate expert from the European point of view – the moment of complete triumph on the day that I kept my balance and came right into shore standing upright on my board!”

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