Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Games Afloat. So we had name issues?

Way back in 1993 The Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn brought the first (two) Sherlockain conventions to the St Louis area.
We chose to call it The Games Afloat. Pretty original we thought. Captures the sense of Playing the Game.
We invited speakers from all the local societies, and then some.

But now we are being told we had naming issues. To quote  "which doesn't have the same name issues as its predecessors", referring to upcoming Holmes in the Heartland event. 

 Of course we had two conventions with that name, so I guess we suffered twice.

And this quote about namin issues comes from someone who claims to be a non-elitist Sherlockian.

We called it 'The Games Afloat' because we were holding the convention on a Victorian era Showboat called the Goldenrod.
Pretty cool idea, we thought. But I guess we did not understand that we could not use the term Afloat because the boat was tied to a dock. Apparently Afloat and floating doesn't mean the same thing.
But he goes on to say, (which, well, technically it was on a floating riverboat, but the boat didn't leave the dock, as I recall).  So, name police, what was the problem. 

So tell me again why The Games Afloat is a naming issue?

I guess we should have called it The Games tied to the dock. Or, If we were moving we would be the Games Afloat, but we are not convention. 

Perhaps if the boat had left the dock we could have had the first Sherlockian dress up on water skis!

Considering the Illinois name police is always calling out others who make distinctions reflecting on differences in Sherlock celebrations, if you didn't know the source you would be surprised.

Sometimes those who claim to be the least elitist are, well, perhaps the most.

Seven Samurai indeed.

Well that's what happens when us newbies (back then) try to fit in with the elite.

Call out the Sherlockian naming police. I think the headquarters are somewhere in Illinois.

Not sure why he couldn't just say he was looking forward to Holmes in the Heartland without finding issues with the other area conventions.

Oh, . . . maybe we didn't make a big enough deal about him.

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