Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Will Benedict go the way of Basil?

I have now caught up with all of the second season of Sherlock and find myself asking 'will Benedict's performance as Holmes end up going the same way as Basil Rathbone's?'

I think most people who don't think Rathbone is one of the top Holmes' of the silver screen never look beyond the material he had to work with.

And by the same token, those of us who believe he will always be in the top three, look way beyond the bad scripts and the weak Dr. Watson he was given.

The new BBC series Sherlock I think is one of the best things to happen to Holmes in a long time. The preformances of all the key players are excellent and Benedict and Martin, for many, will always rank up there with Rathbone and Bruce and Brett and Hardwick/Burke.
And although the Robert Downey Jr's.movies have also brought new attention to the great detective, Mr. Downey will never make to many list as the quintisintual Holmes.

But, just like with Rathbone, will bad writing or scripts of the new 'Sherlock' get in the way of recognition they may someday deserve for their renditions.

The final episode of the second season had to many convoluted turns of events to make the story fun to follow. We don't see Holmes always one step ahead, or if you prefer, one step behind Moriarty, but usually several steps. I did like the doubt placed about Holmes within Scotland Yard, and the way that was going, but how they got there was well over done. But to not have Holmes actually figure out hardly any of the clues was very disappointing.

With the current set of writers within the series, is it going to go in the direction of Dr. Who (and if you are into Who, that will be alright) or will it become more faithful to the Canon. Dr. Who is a wonderful show for what it is (I guess. I have never seen it), but it is not the Canon of Sherlock Holmes.

I think that it can be argued that Benedict will always be remembered as a great Holmes, and I think his acting credentials will keep him out of being stereotyped like Ratbone, but only time will tell how the series will hold up.

After watching Baskerville twice, I ended up being OK with the story, but not loving it.
I found several things I really liked about Scandal, but again did not love it.
The performances in Final were excellent, but the story went why over the top.
If Benedict's Holmes becomes to quirky,  the series will not last. But if we see the thinking machine with a dash of being human, he will be hard to beat. It is up to the writers.

 Bad scripts will have more to do with how Robert Downey Jr. will be remembered as Holmes than will his acting abilities.
This will also true for Benedict.

Just my thoughts.


  1. Great post. Liked the way you set out your thoughts about the second season of BBC Sherlock.

    In my humble opinion, Rathbone's Holmes and Cumberbatch's Holmes are worlds apart from each other. The former is a gentleman while the latter is a sociopath. I doubt if Cumberbatch's version will undergo such a drastic change in the upcoming season(s).


  2. For the most part I agree with you, although every once in a while a little humanity comes in.
    Let hope it gets better.