Monday, April 8, 2013

Do you remember this show?

Q.E.D.  1982

As with most shows I tend to like, it did not last long. I don't know if that says more about me or the rest of T.V. land.

But I really liked this show when it came out. (This one and Tales of the Gold Monkey.)
Even back then when watching it, before I had ever heard of Scion Societies, I thought the lead shared a lot of charecteristics with Sherlock Holmes.

Any one else remember it?



  1. I've never hear of QED. Given the fact that CBS ran six episode between March and April 1982, I'm not surprised. It does sound intriguing, a kind of Sherlock Holmes/Professor Challenger-Wild, Wild West/steampunk mash-up set in 1912 England that might very well be a hit today.

  2. It was a fun show, as I remember it. And I think it would make a good show, especially with new the new tech.

    Can't find to much of about it on line.

  3. My brother has reference books on prime-time TV shows that list it (not much info there). Aside from the Wikipedia listing there is this web site:
    Episode 4 "The 4:10 to Zurich", the credited writer is Jeremy Paul. He may be the same Jeremy Paul that was the main writer for the Granada Sherlock Holmes series. Apparently somewhere on the internet you can get the show on DVD, but I'm sure it's not an officially licensed product.

  4. If it only lasted seven episodes, it may not be worth to much effort.
    But I have fond memories.

  5. It was listed as $5.99, but it may be possible that the show is much better seen through the lens of memory.