Monday, April 22, 2013

Well good, he has Sherlockian standards.

Sherlock Holmes 3 must excite Downey

Latest News - 19 April 2013

Sherlock Holmes 3 must excite DowneyRobert Downey Jr. will only make 'Sherlock Holmes 3' if it ''excites'' him.
The proposed third film in Guy Pearce's mystery movie franchise won't go ahead unless its lead star is impressed by the script, according to screenwriter Drew Pearce, who has been hired to pen the film and recently co-wrote 'Iron Man 3', which also stars Downey.
Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the UK premiere of 'Iron Man 3' in London's Leicester Square on Thursday (18.04.13), he explained: ''At the moment with 'Sherlock', we've been so busy working on this that what we really need to do is sit down and work out - a bit like 'Iron Man' - if there's a story that we can put together that excites Robert enough to spend two years of his life making it.
''The amazing thing about where he is in his life now and in his career, he's only going to do it if he really wants to do it. That's the challenge we had going into 'Iron Man 3' and I think we succeeded, so we'll see what happens with 'Sherlock'.''
Guy Pearce's take on 'Sherlock Holmes' stars Downey as the eccentric detective and Jude Law as his long-suffering sidekick, Dr. John Watson.
Both 2009's 'Sherlock Holmes' and 2011's 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' drew critical acclaim and have grossed over $1 billion combined.


  1. As much as I enjoy his "Sherlock Holmes" movies (mainly for Jude Law's Watson), I think his acting style is more of a natural fit for Tony Stark/Iron Man rather than a Bohemian detective, with a deep distrust of women!


    1. I could not agree with you more.
      I to like Jude Law as Watson, but continually fail to see Holmes in Downey.
      It is easier for me to see his portrayal as an early ancestor of James Bond or something.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Interesting how a good number of Sherlockians can enjoy the Downey films and not take them seriously as Holmes. I like them as well-crafted and acted action pictures set in Victorian London. The fact that there are nods to the Canon is a bonus.

    1. You are so right . I think part of it is playing the game; finding the good,the bad, and the ugly.