Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Final Deduction - by David W. Walker

I bought this book as a Kindle edition.

Although a little long for the mystery involved, I found David's writing very good and his treatment of his subjects respectful.

Although the mystery plot of the book followed a little to closely to the movie 'A Game of Shadows', it remained distant enough not to be a distraction.

The plot involving the personality of Holmes took a turn, right at the beginning, I usually try to avoid in book choices, but David treated it respectfully with out offering offence to the originals. Once it took this turn I started to regret buying this book, but I am glad I held out and finished it for the sympathetic end the book had.

Once again it is a book about resolution between Holmes and Watson.

A couple of the other characters introduced were fun and it was good to see the return of Wiggins.

The mystery was a little lacking, but the story held enough to make you want to see how David was going to finish the book.
I enjoyed it more than I though I would.
As with most pastiches, I am glad they are in ebook form now to save room on my bookshelves, but this was better than most I have read lately.

So I give it;


  1. From your review, I am guessing the plot goes something like this: Holmes and Watson running around the globe to stop a criminal mastermind (who may or may not be Moriarty).


  2. Well, there is a Moriarty, Holmes doesn't do to much running around, and Watson is clueless.
    The sincere ending made it worth while.