Monday, April 29, 2013

Trivia Monday, or what ever day I decide to have it on. . .

I just came up with it, that is why it is Trivia Monday. If I come up with one on Tuesday, it will be . . . well, you get it.
What is a Sherlockian connection in this movie,. . . .


  1. Arthur Wontner acted in this movie. He also played Sherlock Holmes between 1931-1937.

    In my personal opinion, he had the closest resemblance to Holmes as drawn by Sidney Paget.


    1. You are right sir. To bad the prizes haven't arrived yet.
      Wontner played a wonderful older gentleman near the end of the movie.
      Only in it a short time, but great.
      It was a wonderful movie, especially near the end when they are driving near London.
      The scenes of 1950's London were a treat.