Monday, November 10, 2014

The whole Jack the Ripper thing has never been of interest to me, but othesr may enjoy it. . . .

'Real Sherlock Holmes' solved ripper murders, but aristocracy covered it up claims new book by Author Diane Madsen

November 10, 2014 7:05 AM EST  
(PRWEB UK) 10 November 2014
The recent claim that DNA on a shawl purported to be from one of the Ripper victims can identify immigrant Polish hairdresser Aaron Kosminski as Jack the Ripper has been further undermined by the revelation that the 'Real Sherlock Holmes,' Joseph Bell, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle both identified the same suspect. Author Diane Madsen claims in her new book, 'The Conan Doyle Notes – The Secret of Jack The Ripper', that a cover-up by the aristocracy hid the real identity of the killer. The evidence against Kosminski being the Ripper is overwhelming and the credibility of the shawl is limited at best.
A recent article from the Smithsonian comments, "Others, however, are still skeptical. First, the shawl has been 'openly handled by loads of people and been touched, breathed on, spat upon.'"
Also, Catherine Eddowes was a prostitute. Should this shawl in fact be hers, and should the DNA not be the result of later cross contamination, there is no way to demonstrate that the DNA traces found did not result from an earlier paid encounter between Eddowes and Kosminski, who lived in the same area.
Aside from the DNA, Kosminski is a poor suspect. He spoke Polish not English according to the records where he was institutionalized. He didn't fit the eyewitness description of the Ripper. He certainly would not have warranted consideration of a Royal Pardon.
The real clues in the Jack the Ripper case point to a completely different suspect identified by Doyle and Bell. They were given the Ripper files, and they made a report on their suspect to Scotland Yard. The report has never been released. Why? Why did they both keep the identity of their suspect secret? This suspect was investigated by Scotland Yard.and is mentioned in a cryptic letter written by Inspector Frederick George Abberline, who did much of the actual work on the Ripper case. The Radio Times recently reported that, "As expanded upon in her novel, Madsen believes their investigations led them to one James K Stephen – tutor to Prince Albert Victor, son of the Prince of Wales – and that Stephen's royal connections could have been behind Doyle's decision to stay quiet, for fear of causing a scandal."
In a bizarre twist, the publishers of the Conan Doyle Notes, MX Publishing, are located in Princess Park Manor, an 1850s building in North London which used to be Europe's largest mental institution converted into apartments – and the very same institution that Kosminski was held. Steve Emecz, from MX comments, "It's a crazy coincidence that Kosminski was held in our very building. The records show that he spoke little English whereas it's generally understood that the Ripper spoke perfect English."
About MX Publishing
MX Publishing is the award winning world's largest Sherlock Holmes publishers. They are based in London, England, but their seventy plus authors are spread around the world. Most of their one hundred and fifty books are fiction, but they also have many biographical works on Conan Doyle. In 2013 MX made a big splash on the international stage with the performance biography 'Benedict Cumberbatch In Transition' which has sold in its tens of thousands in English, Japanese and Chinese.

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