Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Addictive. . .

I don't very often get the opportunity to sit down and catch up on Sherlockian video or audio programs that I hear about and would love to catch.

Last night however was an exception.
With a little time between loads of laundry I was finally able to watch the web series 'Baker Street', starring and Hannah Drew and Karen Slater. They are part of the creative team also.

I had first heard about the show on IHOSE and put it on my Sherlockian bucket list.

The show developed a lot over it's three episodes, growing a little with each one. The performances definitely hold your attention and the stories are good enough to carry the show. Camera work got better and more creative as the episodes went along.
I actually think it would be less fun if it had better production values. It works well just the way it is.

Maybe because the gender of both lead characters has been flipped, the fact the both Holmes and Watson are women does not seem to be a problem and works well in the modern setting.
I hope they can make more episodes.

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