Thursday, March 19, 2015

What do you want to be called?

Sherlockian/Holmesian Brad has done his part, in a recent post, of rekindling the debates of "Are you a Sherlockian or a Holmesian" and "what should fans be called."
The source of this discussional rebirth can be found here.
The argument put forth in the blog he referred to actually has nothing to do with what any of us should be called, but rather which show, Elementary or Sherlock, the author preferred and his reasons for his choice.

Although I agreed with many of his points, I did contest his use of Sherlockians as the name used to describe fans of Sherlock.
If he had put forth the name before it was already being used I think it would have stuck.
But it has already been taken.

But what do you prefer to be called? Our do you prefer not having to put a name on your 'hobby' at all.
I usually refer to my self as a Sherlockian when talking to people who may know what that means or at least likely to be able to figure it out.
When talking to folks who may require an explanation if I use Sherlockian, I usually just say I am a big 'follower' of Sherlock Holmes, what ever that means and I guess in many ways that to would require an explanation of its own.
I have probably even used the term 'fan' at times in more casual settings. (Please forgive me.)

So, what do you think of yourself as? And does it change depending on who you talk to depending on whether or not an explanation would be required.

Would you rather be called a 'fan' than be called 'Irregular'?

Which makes you bristle and which makes you hold your head high.


  1. Interesting article by Brad.

    I personally do not subcribe to the theory that fans of BBC Sherlock are "Sherlockians". I used to think that the difference between the terms Sherlockian and Holmesian was whether that concerned person was in the UK or the USA. One group was referred to as Sherlockian and the other as Holmesian, though I am not sure which is which.

    I usually enjoy Rick's non-Sherlock Holmes related articles, but when it comes to our favorite Victorian detective it is a completely different ball game.

    Rick using the term "Sherlockians" to collectively refer to the fans of the BBC show is nothing but name calling and is meant in a derogatory sense.

    Rick has made his hatred for the BBC show quite clear. Check out these articles:

    The kind of pictures features in these articles will explain the level of antipathy Rick has for the show and its fans. I personally like the show as an adaptation of the Canon. While Rick is free to post his opinions about the show or its fans as he pleases, I still think it is not a good idea to post such images in one's blog.


    1. I agree, and that was my point about using 'Sherlockians'. And I will check at the posts you suggest.

  2. Rick's use of "Sherlockians" for fans of the BBC show seems to be a default term, as there does not seem to be an agreed upon term for fans of the show except that awful "Cumberbitches". I must take exception to a couple of B2B's points: I may agree with B2B about Rick's apparent antipathy to "Sherlock" and its fans, however, though one may find the images he posted to illustrate his argument on shipping distasteful, those images are out there on the web for all to see (and are meant to be seen or otherwise they would not be posted). Second his line "Rick using the term 'Sherlockians' to collectively refer to the fans of the BBC show is nothing but name calling and is meant in a derogatory sense" is something that Sherlock Peoria has been doing for years, overtly by calling "Elementary" fans zombies, lemmings or monkeys early in his posts on the CBS show and recently by calling them "Elementals" (Ele-Mentals, implying an intelligence-deficiency on the part of regular viewers). While I don't believe that the term "Sherlockians" is meant in a derogatory way by Rick, whatever his personal feelings about them are, I do agree that using insulting terms to describe the fans of a show one doesn't like is the tactic of a bully and not the way to address the fellow occupant of the "tent that brings us all together".

  3. Having been referred to as a Sherlockian since as far back as the early 1990's, if memory serves me right, from discussion groups and scions, I in NO WAY would take the word Sherlockian as simply a fan of BBC's "Sherlock". The way I have always interpreted the meaning of the terms was this:

    Sherlockian - an American person (or generally anyone) who follows anything to do with the character Sherlock Holmes
    Holmesian - a British (U.K.) person who follows anything to do with the character of Sherlock Holmes
    Doylean - anyone who studys the entire works of Sir Arthur Conan Dolye
    Irregular - a member of the B.S.I.
    Fandom - fans of the BBC "Sherlock"
    Cumberbitches - mainly the female fans/followers of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch

    But I must admit I crack a smile when I hear the term Ele-Mentals - and probably will adapt that term in future discussions :-)

    1. Glad I could make clear the obvious for you. Smile away. ;-)

    2. Thanks Howard for the clarification about Sherlockian vs Holmesian usage. And yes, "Ele-Mentals" brings a smile to my face too :)


    3. Or as one wise person once said, "I don't care what you call me, as long as you call me for dinner."