Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I had heard rumors . . . . .

Young Sherlock Holmes next for remake treatment

Uh-oh: the 1985 movie Young Sherlock Holmes is getting a modern day remake...

Ah, this isn’t going to go down well. With the Hollywood remake bandwagon showing little sign of relaxing, another beloved 80s film has now been lined up for another. And it’s Young Sherlock Holmes.
The original came out in 1985, with Barry Levinson directing from a script by Chris Columbus. Given the current popularity ofSherlock Holmes stories – buoyed by the TV shows Elementary and particularly Sherlock – it’s perhaps unsurprising that Young Sherlock Holmes is now being raided.
Paramount Pictures is behind this one, and it’s hired Evan Spiliotopoulos – who penned The Lion King 1½ (released as The Lion King 3 in the UK) – to put together the new screenplay. Chris Columbus is involved in the new film too, serving as producer.
There’s no idea yet of casting, timescales or a director. But if the screenplay comes together, expect movement in 2013.

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