Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is London calling. . . .

Show will study Holmes and London

The relationship between Sherlock Holmes and London will be the subject of a new exhibition to open in 2014.
The Museum of London's exhibition will look at the interplay between Holmes and the city, a source of fascination for the fictional detective.
In one of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories Holmes remarks: "It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of London."
The Museum of London says the exhibition will reveal as much about London as Sherlock Holmes.
Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London, said: "We all think we know Sherlock Holmes, but do we really?
"The lens through which the Museum of London will examine the inimitable detective will reveal more about London than you might guess, but then you'd expect nothing less."
The museum says it will "look beyond the familiar deerstalker, pipe and cape" in search of the "real, complex and multi-faceted" Sherlock Holmes.
It claims the show will "mirror the way he used his own remarkable observational powers and analytical mind to reveal the truth".

A Hansom Cab Stand by P.Stahl
View the Museum of London's capital collection of oil paintings online at BBC Your Paintings

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