Saturday, October 12, 2013

Elementary - season Two - episode three a review

We are at the house of mouse and on the road so this my not be as good as I like posting from an ipad.

'We Are Everyone' a review.

I found the strength of the episode the same; good acting by the leads and some good dialog.
The weakness's were also the same, and that for me right now is Watson becoming the detective.
aim sure that is because Lucy Liu would not have signed on to be just a side-kick. The case, although timely was not perhaps best suited for a holmes story.

As for the references I came up with. . . . .

I liked the fact that Holmes would not start the case till his Boswell was present

It started Baker St. and the client met them there. .   Well their flat.

Holmes' disinterest in the regular police forces findings by dismissing Bell with a "I vaguely recall . . ."

Reminiscent of Hound when they followed the client from 'Baker St.'

Holmes stating to Watson that she had a 'closer to a productive thought than you (she) realized'.
I believe that was a reference to Watson not being the light, but maybe the spark.

Holmes staying up all night to work in a case, which has been used before.

Where our two heroes were un-done by the hackers felt a little like Moriarty's spider web, a reference to his (her) reach.

I may fill in more when I get to a better computer.


  1. Ah, I should have guessed you were away or not working to your usual schedule. Enjoy.

  2. I think that concerns of Liu becoming the focus of "Elementary" are valid. In the episodes this season it is Liu who is making observations and deductions that are more Sherlockian than Miller's. One thing to note is that Liu explains why she made her deductions (the male handwriting in "Solve for X"), Miller, as often as not, makes them without explaining why he came to those conclusions (the Secret Service agents chest shaving and veganism; Watson's good night kiss in "We Are Everyone"). "We Are Everyone" has Liu being shot closer to the viewer than Miller in the majority of their scenes. Look at the scene in Ms Hiskie's apartment--she sees the body first; after the police arrive, she's the one who notices the crime scene tech dusting the copy of "The Fountainhead". In the shot where she deduces the book was Kleinfelter's, Liu's in the foreground with the tech, Quinn and Hill are behind and Miller behind them as if a bystander. Now, one interesting fact I came across is Liu gets paid around $125,000 per episode; Miller around $65,000. Lucy Liu is the star of the show. She is the well-known name as far as CBS is concerned and she gets the lion's share of the publicity. I still like and enjoy the show. I've thought these first three shows this season were very good. However, these are troubling trends for a Sherlockian who wants to watch a show about Sherlock Holmes. I do not want to see a version where Watson says, “When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master.”

  3. All good pints. I think the show still has lots of development tio do. Let's hope for the best.