Friday, October 25, 2013

Elementary Episode #5 - Season 2 - 'Ancient History'

Those critics who were finding Watson's (over?)involvement in the solutions of the cases should be somewhat silenced a bit by this episode. Although still well involved with case and story line, Holmes did the brunt of the work.
Lots of twists and turns in this episode, and I found the ending a little disappointing. I did however like the episode, with only a few minor distractions.

Holmes is short on meaningful work, and is not interested, seemingly, in a case Watson brings him.
His connections at the morgue allow him to check out bodies for crimes maybe missed by the authorities.
He finds an accident victim who has injuries unrelated to the accident and decides to investigate.
The victim turns out to be an ex-hitman who's method of killing was garroting, deduced from the injuries on his hands.
The story then goes from murder to self-defense and involvement with the Russian mob.

The canonical connections I found were;

- Of course, the use of bee's again.
- Holmes finding some cases beneath his abilities
- Holmes becomes a recluse and a homebody, with dark moods when not involved with a case
- a long time between cases
- his ability to be tender towards the opposite sex when the need requires it.
- Deducing that the truck had not moved because there were no tracks after a recent rain storm
- his comments about his abilities being superior to the police's (Marshall's)
- his knowledge of tobacco
- a reference to authorities missing clues that may otherwise indicate a crime
(an addition) - buddy2blogger made some great points about VALL

I think there were some nods to BRUC in that the injuries of the accident masked the crime.
I am still working on a SECO connection, it just isn't coming together yet. Maybe having someone's past play a part in the crime. But that happens in several cases.

Although I found the ex-prostitute killing her ex-hitman husband to avoid losing her elder-care business sort of a weak ending (probably because it seemed the actress did such a good job of playing innocent), but if you look at SECO and other cases, avoiding a scandal about ones past is a common theme. But then again, why involve people who ruined your life in the murder of your husband. Arguable points all.
I didn't buy the repentant hit-man line much either, to Road to Perdition for me. But if nothing else, just like in the Canon, we find a case is sometimes much more mundane in it's conclusion that we might expect, or even hope for. Of course in BLAC, we found a former criminal turned good accused of a crime he did not commit.

Although I think the sex part with the best friend was played for humor, it does sometimes seem like Miller's Holmes has a new addiction.

I am hoping they will continue with Watson starting to write down the cases, which they left out this week.

I also think they found a good balance for Watson's involvement in this episode.

I did however enjoy the show, and for that reason I again give it . .

out of five.

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