Friday, October 4, 2013

'Elementary' Season Two - Episode Two - 'Solve For X' - a review

After the euphoric anticipation of season two and the good start with the first episode last week, this week came as somewhat of a disappointment.

And I so wanted to write another good review.

I am hoping it was just me having a down week, and that there were a lot more connections than I was able to pick up.

The references I picked up were.

1. Soto used as a name. Perhaps a reference to Sholto.(Which I could not hear well, so it may have been spelled differently)
2. Consulting detective (this time however used to describe Watson)
3. Holmes' acute sense of smell.
4. Reference to Watson sort of being a little 'Victorian' in her behavior
5. Encryption and hidden messages.
6. mathematics (perhaps a reference to Moriarty)
7. Holmes lack of respect for the abilities of  the police (Scotland Yard) to use observational skills.

(help me find some more)

The episode lacked any great deductive reasoning, and the crime itself was almost second fiddle to Watson's personal issues in this episode. Although the death of two great mathematicians could have made a great story it was not written has well as it could have been. It seemed a walk through for Holmes to solve. The only real good find was the hidden writing.

The gal playing the murderer (Lynn Collins), who has normally quite substantial acting chops, was unconvincing as a math professor and well respected mathematician. I did not believe she was in competition for a great math discovery. And considering she had already solved the mystery of the math, she was far ahead of the others, and only needed to find a coder.
Maybe that is why she needed the money. Well anyway, she can celebrate her discovery in prison.

It was nice to see the relationship developing between Holmes and Watson as a good friendship based on respect. Holmes handled the issue with Joey very well, giving Watson his advice but allowing her to make her own decisions.
And those how complain about Holmes being a spoiled man-child can not complain about that behavior in this episode. Although lacking in deductive things to do, he did carry his part of the partnership this week.

I have to say I now agree with those who say they are taking Watson to far as a partner and not a side kick. Watson's deductions are almost overshadowing Holmes'. I like it when Watson is an inspiration or catalysis, but not the detective. They still need to find that balance yet.

The episode did not have quite as much quirkiness to it, which was good. The only real one was the shirtless mathematician.

I think Miller did some good acting, but did not have much Sherlockian to work with.
Lucy Liu seemed a little flat this week.

Did anyone else notice a theme with the number 2 this week. Maybe I'm reaching.

Two times was said, "I don't want any trouble."
Two murder victims.
Two times Joey asked for Money.
22,000 dollars.
2 false suspects.

I don't know, I guess I'm reaching.

So, after a great start last week. . . I can only give it. . .

this week.


  1. I actually like this episode for the character moments. Lynn Collins was too much of a "babe" for the part (although they could have cast Danica McKellar, actor, mathematician and "babe' for the role). Elementary has to pace itself on the Canonical allusions. When you have three episodes a season, 20 or so references are fun. Twenty in 24 episodes would be too much. Glad you liked the IHOSE post. Elementary's Sherlockian cred is a lot deeper and subtler than dislikers suppose. I'd give it three pipes.

    1. Danica McKellar would have been great.

  2. Nice catch about the Cryptography reference.