Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #26 - Ken Berry, also a Disney Connection again.

Song and dance man who came along a little after the big song and dance movies, so his talent was never really appreciated as much as it could have been. But none-the-less, he has done all right for himself.

Ken Berry - 1933 - of 'F' Troop fame

was a regular in the short run series about WW2, "Twelve O'clock High" - 1964-1967

starred actor Robert Lansing - (1928 - 1994)

who also starred the another short run TV show - 'The Man Who Never Was' - 1966

which also featured Murray Hamilton - (1923 - 1972)

who took part in the James Garner film, 'Darby's Rangers' - 1958

which also featured the well connected Sherlock Holmes actor, Reginald Owen - (1889 - 1972)

who we know played Watson in 1932 and Holmes in 1933

So there you have it,. . . . wait!

Or we could just link Ken to Leonard Nimoy (1931)
who did a national tour as Sherlock Holmes in the 1970's

under who Ken Berry served, in the early 50's, while in the Special Services Corp while in the army.

  • Ken Berry (1953–1955), dancer, actor, singer, was in the Artillery and Special Services divisions at the close of the Korean War. Rank of corporal.
  • .
  • Leonard Nimoy, actor, writer, film director, poet, musician, and photographer was in the Special Services division and was sergeant over Corporal Ken Berry.
source, wikipedia.

Now,. . . So there you have it, there you are.


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    1. It is amazing how paths cross, but sometimes go off in different directions.
      One became a big star, to some, and another just works a little less under the radar, yet both are very talented.