Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And I did not know this about Martin either!

 Her (Martins mom)brother was the actor Jeremy Brett, who became famous for playing Sherlock Holmes. He was an absolutely lovely man. Very exciting and glamorous, he'd always make me feel amazing and full of confidence; like I'd picked the right thing to do in life. He was a real force and we all loved him.

I think Martin is actually a cousin of Jeremy's.

Or Jeremy was his mother's cousin.

I am still trying to find out for sure.

Okay, this one from the Express says; "Daphne’s (Martin's mother) cousin was actor Jeremy Brett whose most famous role was Sherlock Holmes. “Jeremy made you feel fantastic,” he said. “He gave me such confidence. I miss him a lot. I’m very close to his son David and his family.”

Now I don't need to do a 'Seven degrees of Sherlock Holmes' for him for two reasons.

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